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Interview with Lisa Scottoline

Lisa Scottoline

1. What inspired you to write Most Wanted Lisa Scottoline?

All my stand alone books that come out in April are about family. As a single mom, my daughter has always been the most important person to me. So, I started to question, what would I have done if I hadn’t had her the conventional way? If as a couple, we had infertility issues. I started researching the topic and came to realize that there is very little regulation when it comes to screening sperm donors. There is no counseling available at the collection clinics, or even psychological testing. In there lies the problem. And then, I was watching the news one night and thought… what if I were a woman who used a sperm donor and that donor happened to be a serial murderer? How would this woman feel about the baby inside of her?

2. Let’s talk about Christine Nilsson, the main character in the story. How does the realization that her sperm donor may be a serial killer affect her view on her pregnancy?

For Christine, she is emotionally on board with the pregnancy for she wants to protect her child. No matter what, she is going to give birth to the baby and be a good mom. For her sanity, she needs to find out for certain all she can about the sperm donor. She needs to know if he is the biological father.

 3. As a couple, Christine and Marcus approach the news from very different angles. Marcus is pragmatic and enlists the aid of a lawyer while Christine is emotionally charged and takes matters into her own hands. How does this impact their marriage?

Both Christine and Marcus are dealing with the situation the best way they possibly can. Christine is coming at it from an emotional side as women often do. Whereas Marcus turns to the legal system for some sort of resolution because men are fixers by nature and like to be in control. Needless to say, there is a lot of strain on their relationship. For Marcus, the present situation with the sperm donor serves as a constant reminder that he isn’t the biological father of the baby. This is troubling because oftentimes, men link their fertility with masculinity. So, he feels guilty because even though he loves his wife, he is physically unable to give her what she wants or needs. Ultimately, this wedge drives them further apart.

4. As moms, what valuable life lessons can we learn from Christine’s sperm bank experiences?

It’s okay to be nervous about things whatever your situation. However you get there…whether it be by surrogate, sperm donor, or other, the most important thing is to just love. For Christine, she is becoming a new mom in a very complicated situation, but in her heart, she loves this baby. The same is true for moms everywhere...just love.

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5. Please take us on a tour of your website highlighting points of interest.

My website has recently been redesigned, and I am very excited about the changes. It highlights all of my books and even includes audio clips. I am a definite people person, so my website is very reflective of who I am. I like social media and I love to tour to meet my readers. Some of my fans have been coming to my book signings for over twenty years! My readers are also able to connect with me on Facebook (Lisa Scottoline) and Twitter (@LisaScottoline), and I personally respond to the messages and tweets.

6. Are you currently at work on your next novel? If so, what may you share with our readers?

My next release I've Got Sand in All the Wrong Places, which I co-wrote with my daughter Francesca Serritella, comes out in July. Following that collaboration is my newest Rosato & DiNuzio novel, Damaged, that is scheduled to be released in August.

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