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Packages, packages. My house is full of products to review and press releases to read. Life as a mom blogger is busy. Slowing down with a books is the ideal way for this mom to reconnect with the kids. Combining the two activities (review + books) is the dream job for me. Here's a round-up of new favorites.

Come to the Fairies' Ball: Jane Yolen (you know her from her dinosaur series) is a rare talent. Her use of language in this story is simply magical. The text is advanced for my 4 y.o., but the lyricism of the words come alive. Did I mention the drawings? Lippincott make fairies that are pure and not too sweet. Forget about sparkles and pink frills. In this world, fairies are funky and feisty. You will spend quite a bit of time ruminating over the ball drawings. Add this to your wish list.

Me and Youwritten and illustrated by Geneviève Côté. Bunny and pig are best pals. They love art, dressing up and each other. The simple tale is ideal for age 2 and under. The pictures captured the attention of my wriggly 20 month old. Why? The drawings (best suited for girls in my bias opinion) are full of swooshes, whooshes and pastels.

Lulu's Pajamas written by Lucie Papineau illustrated by Stéphane Jorisch. Got a headstrong preschooler? Me too! My 4 year-old loves this story of a mouse (why are mice so popular with little girls?) who insists on wearing her pjs all day. This drawings are divine--Jorisch knows just how to make expressions come alive. The message--actions have consequences--comes across in a friendly way.

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Pumpkin Babyby Jane Yolen. Just where do babies come from? If you've got a baby on the way, this may be a nice book to pick up for the big brother or sister. Sweet pictures (nothing too memorable) and a sing-song story. Easy to read, easy to enjoy

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