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Less is more these days. That's not just a reflection of the economy, it is the green and fluid life we all strive for. Who wants a house full of clutter and useless stuff? But how to attain this goal... My brother turned me on to Sarah Susanka's book The Not So Big House: A Blueprint for the Way We Really Live.
Susanka just celebrated the 10th Anniversary of this book last year. This trend has been buildling slowly, but it cannot be denied. House sizes are finally becoming smaller (according to the American Institute of Architecture) Susanka is now on her eighth book Not So Big Remodeling: Tailoring Your Home for the Way You Really Live again aiming for famiies to think big by building small.

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Flipping through her work is so inspiring. Every room is purposeful and beautiful in its simplicity. No big fussy schemes. I'm drawn to the liveable spaces that invite imiagination, play and romance. These are the rooms that I picture: Me cooking in the kitchen as the girls work on homework and art projects nearby and Mr.Momtrends plays the piano--and I can see it all. Check out the photos from her show house here.

Susanka is considered an architect and a cultural visionary. Her motto is "build better, not bigger"--and I couldn't agree more. The environmental impact on McMansions is huge and I think these gigantic homes can be lonely and a big drain on your time and budget (cleaning, decorating, heating, etc). Did you know that 1 in 5 new homes is larger than 3,000 s.f.? This is according to Harper's and they say 3000 s.f. is the tipping point where it is impossible to keep a house clean without hired help. But let me be clear, Susanka isn't against larger houses--as long as the space make sense.

If you are thinking your home needs a re-do or questioning what type of home is perfect for you, make the investment in this series. We dream of building a custom country house some day, I know we'll use the concepts from this book if we ever get there!

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