The Tao of Motherhood: Inspiring Warriors and Moms Alike


The Tao of Motherhood is the best parenting book I've read in a few years. And it's the only parenting book I've read in a few years. I don't have time to read books! So, what I like the most about the Tao of Motherhood is how you can read a few passages every day, whenever the mood strikes. There is no big commitment. Just a nice, little book to pick up when you need a calm, strong voice of wisdom.

The Tao of Motherhood ($9.17 on by Vimala McClure was recently released as a 20th Anniversary Edition. The collection of passages was inspired by the ancient Chinese teachings of Lao Tzu, but McClure'??s wisdom is very current and applicable. The teachings by Lao Tzu were originally intended for warriors and McClure ingeniously saw how the teachings could benefit moms!

Her peaceful words inspire you to be the kind of parent you want to be during the toughest, most trying times. Even when my four-year-old constantly speaks in a whining, demanding voice and my two-year-old is learning to copy her. (Help, I'm raising brats!) Yes, even then. And many other times when I could use some inspiration. The book is also a beautiful celebration of the most wonderful moments of parenting and the simple times. I'm very happy to be reminded to enjoy those, too.

I imagine I would get something different from this book, at different times of my life. Right now, this book is a calming voice when I need it most. I'll take it!

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