The Perfect Baby Handbook


Admit it. You like to brag about your offspring. It's only natural. There's a new book out that helps us see the humor in our exaggerations. The Perfect Baby Handbook: A Guide for Excessively Motivated Parentsby Dale Hrabi takes a tongue-in-check look at how to be the uber parent.

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If you are already obsessing about colleges and piano teachers let this book remind you not to take parenting (or yourself) so seriously. It's packed full of parenting satire and biting wit. When your done making fun of yourself, subtly drop this off at your highly annoying brother-in-law's house as a hint for him to tone down the non-stop chat about his "perfect spawn."

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I loved the section on "Essential Impulse Buys." Really, who can do without a solid gold pacifier or infant pedometer! And I chuckled over the sleep coaching tip to adopt a three-toed sloth, "a congenial animal that sleeps up to eighteen hours a day and has a knack for making wakefulness seem uncool." Buy on Amazon $11.55.

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