The Mud Bug's Top Bedtime Stories


My pal Toni from the MudBug's blog graciously agreed to help me on Book Month. Toni is mom to 1-2-3-4-5 kids so I think she has a little experience when it comes to bedtime rituals. She's a registered nurse and a dedicated blogger.

Without further ado, the Top 5 Bedtime Stories (according to Toni's girls):
1. Goodnight Sun, Hello Moon by Karen Viola
2. Moonbeam Bear: A Bedtime Story by Rolf Fanger and Ulrike Moltgen
3. Wild About Books by Judy Sierra
4. Unlovable by Dan Yaccarino
5. Stories for Bedtime by Philip Hawthorn

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I am excited that Toni has given me some new options for our nightly ritual (we're keen on Jon Muth at the moment). I think I'm most anxious to try out Unlovable--the illustrator is from Brooklyn. What's your favorite bedtime book?

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