The Hugging Hour

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Brooklyn is a wonderful place to live. We are surrounded by artists. A pair of neighbors are authors/illustrators: John Rocco and Aileen Leijten.

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A few months ago I went to a book party celebrating Aileen Leijten's new book Hugging Hour!It was a real treat to see Aileen read her children's book while her young daughter and my two little girls listened. The story is about a girl named Drool. She's off to Grandma's house for an overnight visit. She's not entirely comfortable being temporarily orphaned. But thanks to Grandma's antics and a feisty chicken, Drool soon embraces her accommodations--who wouldn't love baking cupcakes and noshing on double caramel pancakes!

Aileen spins a lively tale, but oh the colors. It's like diving into a watercolor garden. Perfect for the 6 and under crowd, you'll be reading this again and again. Buy Hugging Hour! on $15.99

Learn more about Aileen on her blog.
Check out John Rocco's work.

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