Thank You Notes Made Easy

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We do our best to give thanks for all the presents we receive. But keeping organized with stamps, stationery and snail mail addresses takes a bit of effort. Wouldn't you know it, a mom thought up a solution:

iGiftThanks works with the iPhone/iPod/ipad. This app might just be your ticket to ending holiday guilt. Developed by social media maven moms Ciaran Blumenfeld ( and Ana Roca Castro ( this app is the modern equivalent of having a social secretary.

iGiftThanks lets you use your camera to keep track of all the presents you've received at multiple occasions. Then tag your photos with the gift giver and item name. Next step: Decorate the picture, turning it into a custom crafted thank you note. Cards can be shared instantly via email or text or posted to Facebook and Twitter. Perfect for getting the kids involved in the fun,

iGift Thanks is currently available on the App store ($1.99), less than the average single greeting card. The app comes preloaded with card designs for multiple occasions, including birthdays and anniversaries and includes both "thank you" and "gracias" designs. We can't wait for the DROID version to arrive in 2011.

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