Teaching Good Habits


Exercise is a personal matter for most moms. It helps relieve stress, gives us the strength and energy to keep up with our tots and improves self esteem. I know I always feel better about myself after a good workout and I bring a fresh energy to my family.

Another important reason to keep up with your New Year's Resolution? You're setting a great example for your kids. We shape their attitudes towards food and fitness. Groan about the getting exercise and that's what your kids will pick up on. Smile and they'll learn that fitness is fun. To encourage your kids to get active, check out the Healthy Kids Catalog of ideas on gear, menus and games.

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The same goes for eating habits, our diets set the standard for our kids. I was reminded of this tenet of childrearing recently when I was sent a copy of Making Healthy Choices by Merilee A. Kern.

Her books (there's a boy version and a girl version) are breezy little numbers that tackle childhood obesity. But these books aren't only for families with overweight kids--they are also a great launching point for talking to any sized kids about healthy eating habits. Read the book together. They story is simple and straightforward, but it clearly conveys the message that a healthy lifestyle takes effort, but has its rewards. The books may also make your kids more sensitive to the overweight children in their class. Suggested for ages 7-14 (but I'd say 6-10 would be more suitable). $11.95

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