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Sh*tty Mom for All Seasons: Half- @ssing It All Year Long

Sh*tty Mom

1. What inspired you to write Sh*tty Mom For All Seasons: Half-@ssing It All Year Long, a follow-up to the New York Times bestseller Sh*tty Mom?

Alicia: Because the first one was an instant New York Times Bestseller! We heard from women immediately that they loved hearing other women’s sh*tty mom moments… We say it’s the only time where women can one-up one another. When they tell their momfail moment, then the other mom chimes in and says, ‘I can top that!’ It’s fun to see the comradery and instant bond that happens when parents share.

Mary Ann: Plus there is so much joy in having a book that makes parents open up and share. We often put on a mask when it comes to parenting. We want to show the world how perfect we are and how perfect our kids are -there is something cathartic in letting it all hang out.

2. What does it exactly mean to be a Sh*tty Mom? And, do you consider yourselves prime examples or merely wannabes?

Alicia: Everyone is a Sh*tty Mom. Whether you’re a helicopter mom, an attachment or free range parent, most of us end up feeling some sort of guilt at the end of the day. We pushed them too hard. We didn’t push them enough. The goal of Sh*tty Mom is to let go of that parenting guilt and move on. You’ve got tomorrow to mess up or do better all over again!

Mary Ann: The mom who claims she's not a Sh*tty Mom is probably the biggest offender of them all or at least the most miserable.

3. Why did you choose to divide your newest release into seasons?

Alicia: With one kid in elementary school and one in middle school, my world revolves around the calendar year. Back-to-school excitement turns to ‘please get me to Winter Break’… After New Year’s we’re all just praying for Spring Break to arrive so we can slide home for Summer Break. Was perfect for us to divide the book into those sections.

Mary Ann: Plus parenting is 365 days a year 24/7 job!

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4. With the end of school in sight, what are your thoughts on summer break?

Alicia: Ship those kids off! I send my children to Camp Nana and Papa Bear and have been doing that for the past six years. My children love spending 6 weeks out of the summer with their grandparents. Gives gma and gpa a ‘do-over’ of sorts and it’s a win win win situation for everyone.

Mary Ann: My kids go to Oklahoma with my mom and siblings. My family is convinced ever since I banned plastic toys from our NYC apartment that I'm the worst mom ever! Plus it gets my kids out in the dirt and swimming.

5. What advice are you able to share with moms who are struggling with the demands of modern motherhood?

Alicia: Parenting in today’s modern world is hard! There’s so much advice on the information highway. Just when you think you’ve done it right – with full hair and makeup so that it can get documented on Facebook - someone’s there to tell you you’re wrong! We want to bring parenting back to the style of when we were raised. It was a time when, as kids, we had to figure things out on our own. The grade on the report card was the one that stuck. It wasn’t a jumping off point for negotiating. We like to say we had three parents growing up: mom, dad and the streetlight in front of the house.

Mary Ann: Take a chill pill. The more you worry, the less enjoyable parenting will be and ultimately the less happy your kids will be.

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