Room for One More


I'm so glad I filled a tote with books before we ventured on this trip. It's been great treating my daughters with new titles on this vacation. Last night we read (and re-read) Room for One More. Mathew Price writes about a family out for a stroll. The family keeps stumbling upon lively animals and the Mommy keeps telling Daddy their is space in the family for more: cats, dogs, monkeys, etc.

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As the book continues, the little ones have to lift flaps to discover the menagerie and where Daddy has hidden them. Ian Haywood did the illustrations--we really enjoyed how he tucked the animals in clever spots. It made the book a good read and a bit of a treasure hunt. The tale is heartfelt and has a good massage (especially if you are having a new baby)--there is always room for one more if there is enough love. Buy Room for One More on Amazon $11.16

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