Review: Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump

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There are a lot of great products in the world. What seems to be missing are great companies, backing up their products with great customer service. There are a few exceptions, and one new shining example of a great company which actually cares about the experience of their customer is Lansinoh Laboratories, who make the Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump.

I'm not hard to please, really. I come from the Mid-West, where we don't expect the Sun and Moon to move in order to facilitate our happiness. But when I first tried to use this pump, I ran into trouble. I just couldn't get it to work, no matter how I tried. So I called up the company, ready with a sob story about how I just gave birth to twins and really really needed this pump to work. I was ready to sell them on it, hoping for a sympathetic ear. But it was Saturday. My best hope was for a kind-sounding voice on a message. When I got a live person I almost fell over dead. I was further impressed by her offer to connect me with their on-staff lactation expert, as well as technical support. Eventually, the company simply over-nighted me a new pump. And that pump? Works like a charm.

Sisters, as we all know, size matters. In the past I've had pumps that were heavier and bulkier than my own child. I may as well have just carted the child to work rather than the pump. The Affinity is small, it is lightweight, and it could literally fit in my medium-size handbag. This is a big deal for me, as I walk most places and take public transportation, and do not want to carry a 20 or 30 pound machine around with me to pump. The Affinity can also be operated on six AA batteries in addition to the 120 AC power adapter. Subway pumping, anyone? OK, me neither. But still - this is real plus not to be married to finding an outlet.

The way the pump is put together makes it easy to put together and operate. One could easily assemble and pump in a darkly-lit room, bleary-eyed and tired, at even 3 in the morning. The tubes never come in contact with the breast milk so gone is the nasty hassle of sterilizing the tubes to prevent mold and bacteria from forming.

It takes one single button to begin the process of pumping. This starts with a Let-Down phase which "mimics how a baby elicits a let-down with short, quick bursts of suction". This quick phase is brilliant and in my case results in greater milk production. After the Let-Down phase is over, the Expression phase begins, and is fully adjustable. The user may adjust both the strength of the suction, as well as the length of the cycle. I must admit I was a little over-zealous on my maiden voyage and pumped that sucker up all the way on both counts and my nipples regretted it. However, if you follow the directions and work your way up to maximum, there is no discomfort at all.

I guess the directions are there for a reason. Go figure.

The Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump is reasonably priced at $150 MSRP, and available at most of the usual places including Walmart, Babies "R" Us, and Target, as well as online at, and I've been using it exclusively to supplement breastfeeding and it has been the easiest, most fool-proof part of my child rearing experience so far. Now, if Lansinoh will develop a product that makes babies sleep through the night, I may die and go to heaven.

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