Two New Resources for Online Moms and the Brands Who Love them


Summer reading can veer towards the light or perhaps the forgettable. I'm sharing two books that offer a little meat to your otherwise sugary literary diet for August. First up, Maria Bailey has a new tome out called

Power Moms ($42 on Amazon)--hefty in price and content--

this book is a reference guide as well as a source of inspiration.

The book spells out how different generations of women spend time and $ online. The author has keen insights. I appreciate the fact that Bailey points out the power of moms to hold influence offline. She suggests that brands "reacquaint themselves with the power of offline power of Mom Influencers while better leveraging the influence of social media moms."

Maria touts her skills as matching brands with moms and being a master of interpreting online behavior. You can't fault this online maven for tooting her own horn, she's a major force in the online world. In this book, Bailey offers tips for how to work with mom bloggers and MORE importantly lists who she deems to be the "Power Moms" out there in a directory (complete with twitter handles and email so brands can quickly contact the women they target from Bailey's suggestions).

If I were a brand/company new to the online momosphere space, I'd pick up this book as a good reference. It's got a great level of detail and was very well-researched. And it should be noted, Momtrends is an "also ran" in this book--we are listed in the back as "worth mentioning." Find our more about Maria and her consulting business at


Audrey McClelland and Collen Padilla just released their own online bible called The Digital Mom Handbook ($15.99 Amazon). Since I know these two uber-successful bloggers I can tell you with great comfort that the book is like getting advice from a savvy, sharp girlfriend. Packed with interviews and useful tips, this book should be a must-read for anyone who wants to start a blog or who thinks it's easy to simply click a few buttons to make a living as a blogger.

I adore the way the bloggers share the ups and downs of owning a business. Audrey, can it be true you didn't earn a cent from your blog for two years? I'm happy the endorsements are rolling in now! And Colleen, the camera-crew story is touching and I too think Skype is not for me.

We like this book so much, it might just become required reading for all new hires! Find out more about the book here

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