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What if you consumed so many cupcakes you turned pink? This story tells the tale of one such girl who didn't know how to say, "No" when it came to cupcakes. Pinkalicious' main draw is the lively illustrations from Victoria Kahn (she so-wrote the book with her sister Elizabeth). The book is backed withbountiful gardens adorable houses and precious playgrounds. Consider it kid-lit eye candy. Perfect for a birthday gift for the 6 and under crowd.

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The moral message is sweet--err, healthy--a well-rounded diet is the way to go, but I doubt kids will come away with from this book with an appreciation for brussels sprouts. Instead, they too will want to turn pink as cotton candy because Pinkalicious looks so darn cute in her rosy hue. Buy Pinkalicious on Amazon for $17.99

The book has been such a hit, they ladies behind the smash spawned a kiddie musical. I've been trying to get tickets to review it for my other blog I'll let you know if it happens.

And Renee over at Through the Eyes of A Child just reviewed the latest in this series it here.

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