Personalized Book Pick: It's Fancy to Be Me!


If my daughter has inherited anything from me it's my love of personalized anything and everything. The little girl in me still loves seeing my name or monogram on things and now that my baby girl can recognize her own name, she's all about personalization too! And considering she's been toddling over to me with an armful of books to read since she could barely walk, a personalized book with her name in it would obviously be a BIG hit! Enter I See Me...


I See Me offers darling personalized children's books and gifts in a wide array of subjects from fairy tales to pirate stories. There is something for every kiddo and their latest offering, It's Fancy To Be Me! is right up my lil' lady bean's alley! Not only is it a story about a very fancy little girl (which my glamour loving doll can most definitely relate to, haha), but the little girl looks like her too! We added personalization via her name AND we were able to select her skin tone and hair color too! How cool is that?


It's Fancy To Be Me! is filled with beautiful illustrations in vibrant colors that take the main character, otherwise known as my daughter, all over the world. She travels from Paris to London and even Milan. How did I See Me know she has wanderlust just like her mama? Haha! And the story culminates with her photo! What little girl wouldn't love to be the star of her very own book?!


So, do you have a little one in your life who needs personalized It's Fancy to Be Me! personalized book too? You're in luck! I see is giving ten away...Yes, I said ten! 10 WINNERS 10 will receive a FREE copy of the NEW “It’s FancyToBeMe!” Personalized Book! The giveaway ends 9/30/2015. You can enter to win at the I See Me Facebook Page HERE!

This is a sponsored post.

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