Celebrity hot mama, Brooke Burke, has a newish book out called Naked Mom. While the title and the saucy might appeal to the husbands out there, the stuffing is for all the moms out there striving to keep the marriage spicy, connect with the womanly side, and thrive as a mom. It's a tall task to cuddle with the kids one minute, then run a business, then turn into a temptress in the bedroom.

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Mother's Day Musings from Brooke Burke

The Naked Mom by Brooke Burke

Thankfully, Brooke doesn't make it sound easy. The mom of four (two marriages--she doesn't gloss over the divorce) shares lot of juicy information from her life (she really disliked her partner on DWTS). In this memoir, Brooke, she shares her failures (and there are plenty of them--such as the time she forgot about her child in the car seat while she enjoyed a latte and girl chat inside only to be accosted by strangers when she went back to the car--it's an accident people!) and her triumphs (winning the trophy on Dancing With the Stars, and landing the extremely handsome David Charvet as a partner).

It would be easy to dislike Brooke--that body, the success, etc (check her out on Instagram here @Brookeburke. But her sunny personality won me over. She's not afraid to share her failings and insecurities, and also comes across as very genuine.

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Brooke Burke Talks Motherhood

"Reality bites. It also pukes on your favorite blouse, flushes keys down the toilet, hits the sister, and turns you into a pariah of airplanes." Funny right?

She's ambitious yet not snarky. She's pretty without looking fake (though she does admit to an early on boob job). This book aims to be a guidebook--but don't expect to find any revolutionary parenting tips. It's an easy read (toss it in the beach bag) and might make you appreciate that even the "stars" struggle to balance it all. Let's be honest here, most of us won't have the high-class problems of Ms. Burke, but the everyday lessons are the same for all of us: Stay true to yourself, find time to nourish your non-mom ambitions and don't forget to keep the marital fires burning.  Buy it on Amazon $19.99.


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