Momtrends June Sponsor is New Born Mom

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I introduced my readers to New Born Mom (an online boutique selling eco-friendly parenting essentials) in April when they hosted a Go Green Contest. And guess what? They loved the feedback so much they became premier sponsors of Momtrends.

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New Born Mom buys ad space, but it's up to me to tell you what I like about them and their site. Since this is June and I am devoting much of the editorial space to books, I went to see what New Born Mom can offer the literary mom.

I came up with a winner, The Rookie Mom's Handbook ($14.95). I've picked up this book before and think it has excellent ideas for new moms. In fact they offer 250 ideas for activities to do with baby. This slightly sassy, lighthearted book makes an ideal gift for the girlfriend who went into labor at the office and is freaking a bit about bonding with baby. (And the Rookie Moms have a great website..check it out here)

In addition to fun gift ideas like this one, they have packed the site with eco-friendly goodies, such as BPA-free bottles, organic bedding and natural skin-care products for baby.

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