Momtrends Exclusive Interview with Suzy Welch


I was so impressed with the new book, 10-10-10: A Life-Transforming Idea, that I had to dig deeper. Suzy Welch, the author and noted business leader, was generous to give me an Exclusive Momtrends Interview:

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This book came from personal experience, did you feel vulnerable opening up your parenting ideas to the world?

Being a parent is one long exercise in being vulnerable. After all, once you have kids, you totally open yourself up to feelings of fear, loss, hurt, sadness, and anger that you've never known before. Of course, parenting also brings immeasurable joy! And thank God for that. But once I started having kids twenty years ago, I gave up on trying to be impervious to the world. So in answer to your question, I didn't feel vulnerable about opening up my parenting ideas. I felt "normal"-- and eager to hear what people had to say in response to my ideas.

How do you think moms can integrate this book into their lives?

10-10-10 is a process that moms can integrate into their lives immediately to help them make sounder, faster, more transparent, and more productive decisions. I myself started using it as a mom about 14 years ago, and still deploy it almost daily to sort through the kinds of conflicts that are "baked into" our lives as mothers. Should I work late or rush home to attend a basketball game? Should I let my son sleep over at the home of a friend that I don't really like? Should our family take a vacation this year or use the money for another purpose? Along with the clarity it provides, 10-10-10 also helps me explain my decisions to my children in a clear, less emotional way. In fact, my kids have gained so much from my 10-10-10'ing decisions, that they themselves now use it in their own lives.

What is the #1 mistake women make when making a long-term decision?

The #1 mistake, actually, is that women don't make enough long term decisions! Instead, they make too many of their decisions for expedience, stress, or to put out the immediate fire of a pouting child or angry boss or annoyed friend. Fortunately, because it draws values into the equation, 10-10-10 is an excellent antidote to that tendency.

What are you reading now?

I am reading the novel Sweet Maryby a good friend and former colleague at the Miami Herald, Liz Balmaseda. Liz and I were journalists together in the early 1980s, and her new book, which is both exciting and poignant, is taking me on a walk down memory lane.

Favorite children's book?

Sylvester and the Magic Pebble by William Steig. Touching and sweet, it captures the special love between parent and child perfectly.

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