Momtrends Car Review: Go Green with the Nissan Leaf


Hummers and Escalades, take a U-turn: The Nissan Leaf is here to pave the way as the first ever 100% electric car. We headed out to Jones Beach, NYC to test drive the Leaf and we sure put the petal to the metal.


When we were asked to test out the new Nissan Leaf, we didn't exactly race to the test track. OK, we admit it: we weren't entirely convinced about the idea of plugging a car in to charge, like you would an iPhone. Cars need fuel! Don't they? Not any more. We loved Nissan's campaign, "What if everything ran on gas?" and it really got us thinking. So, we booked a test-drive and got to go inside the Leaf to see what it could really do. We drove on an open course around the beach and needless to say, the car is quite impressive, not to mention super quiet. With a push-button start engine and top of the line GPS, this little baby is comfortable, capable, and super classy.


Here are some key specifications:

  • -100% electric - no gas required
  • -range: 100 miles/charge
  • -speeds up to 90 mph (we got it to go about 97)
  • -seats 5 passengers, has 5 doors

But now for the nitty-gritty:

There's a nasty blind-spot created by the design of the windshield and side mirrors. Perhaps I didn't get a chance to get used to it, but I imagine passing someone on the highway could be a bit more stressful than usual.


For suburban-ites, the car is ideal. Charge in your garage, and you could go for a few days traveling around your town running errands. But for us city dwellers, it's not practical yet. Most of us don't have garages or spaces where we could conceal a charging station, and since they don't exist publicly yet, these nifty cars don't really have a home here. When I asked several Nissan representatives, they didn't have an answer for me, which, leads me to believe they haven't exactly thought through that process yet.


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