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Oh the delights that come in the mail here at Momtrends. Each day the UPS man and mailman have at least one box for me. I'll admit that books account for our favorite deliveries. I usually have quite a stack to work with. Today I'm sharing a book for babies and a book about the season.
You already know I am a fan of Jane Yolen. Now I've got another reason to sing her praises, The Scarecrow's Dance. It's rare that author and illustrator achieve this level of synergy.
The book has a warm autumnal feel thanks to Bagram Ibatoulline's fantastic art work. The spellbinding writing reminds me off all that is right in the world of children's lit.

What prayers do scarecrows
Make to God?
Of sky and rain,
And wind and sod?

Or do they touch on love
Or beauty?
Do they sing of faith
And duty?

Momtrends would add this gem to the library of any child (2-6 is especially fitting). And for the younger set? Well I've got an idea for bath time fun. Bath books are always a hit with babies. They love chewing the corners and splashign teh pages. But I say why not add some language play to the splash down! Baby's Bath 1 to 10 from is a lovely little gift. 

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Each number has a picture of a plush animal (our current favorite page is the ducks, it's all about ducks for daughter #2). There are three books to pick from in the series. It's a smart way to start your child's love of books.

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