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You probably forgot that my NY resolution was to read some books just for me...just to celebrate the written word. Now that it is Book Month it is time to check in. I've knocked three off my list!

Olive Kitteridge: A glorious character study set in sleepy Maine. The chapters all orbit around Olive a middle-aged grump who is seriously challenged when it comes to communicating. Olive is feisty, unapologetic and bold--and a pure delight to study. This is a touching study about love and loss and a well-crafted work.

Unaccustomed Earth: Oh how I admire JhumpaLahiri's prose. I admire that the words don't seem effortless. This group of longish, short stories shows a writer using her craft. She writes about young love with truth and subtle passion. While I found the last story sluggish, on the whole this is a stellar effort.

Audition: A Memoir: I should have saved this for the beach. Light, fluffy and a whole lot of fun. I marveled at the shear determination Barbara Walters possesses. She stuck to her game plan and earned every bit of her success. He family life suffered--but it sure is fun watching the progression of her career and her three marriages.

Next up? Chagall's biography comes on vacation! What are you reading now?

For some ideas, check out Real Simple's suggestions here. You can see four first pages and decide for yourself. And if you are looking for the ultimate stress-free book club, Real Simple has it! Join Real Simple Here (it's free).

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