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Only six days left until Mother's Day. I've got another great gift idea--Mommy Mantras. The book was released a couple years ago, but boy does it still resonate. And you don't have to be a yogi to appreciate the simple wisdom of this book. Authors, Bethany Casarjian and Dian Dillon, come from a place of common sense and honesty. Favorite mantras include:

mommy mnatras

Surrender to the Goat--basically meaning give in to the whims of your toddler. For my daughter, this means endless readings of Block City and a fascination with one a particular sippy cup.

Wiping the Slate Clean--Practice a nightly forgiveness ritual of yourself and of your child. Start each day fresh.

Tuck this tiny book at your bedside or in the bathroom and read a chapter when you need a quick pep-talk. Also makes a great shower gift!

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