Mom Boss Book Deals

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Got a mom in your life who is a budding entrepreneur? Mom Bossmakes a perfect Mother's Day gift. This book is a step by step guide on how to develop, incubate, and market your business without taking the joy out of family life with kids—being an active parent while being an active business entrepreneur. With this book, you can be a mom boss—a super mom, and a great business woman.

Mom Boss Book Deals

Deal #1: $8.49 Kindle Download: Mom Boss: Balancing Entrepreneurship, Kids & Success is perfect for the mom on the go. Load it up on your favorite reading device and learn as you go...literally.

Deal #2: $9.99 Signed Mom Boss Book + FREE SHIPPING: Get a signed copy of Mom Boss shipped to you or your mom. I'll even personalize the message for you.

Mom Hustle

This book charts the course for building a successful career without sacrificing being a great mom. I've traveled from coast to coast talking to moms who have read Mom Boss and used it to launch. With each new city I travel to, I'm overwhelmed with the praise for this book. It was meant to change lives and lift women up, and it's doing just that. Let's keep the Mom Boss movement going.

TIP: Looking for a nudge in the right direction? Start with the "Mom Boss Quiz" and learn where your strengths and personality are best suited. From there, dive into the chapters that speak to you—Solo Artist, Team Mom, or Brand Builder. Get tips from the experts for each of the three types of mom bosses. I interviewed more than 70 Mom CEOs for this book—learn from their wisdom.

TIP: Read the book with a pen in hand and take notes as you go. Mom Boss is equal parts instructional and informative. Let me be your business BFF!

Mom Boss can help you take your business to the next level or be the inspiration you need to take the first step. Flowers wilt, chocolate gets consumed, giving yourself or a mom in your life a career that you love, is the best Mother's Day gift of all.

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