Mom Boss Book Bundle

Mom Boss Book Bundle

Ordering a Mom Boss Book Bundle before the new year HAS to be on your to-do list. As a Mom Boss, I know the three keys to staying organized:

1. Set Goals
2. Control the chaos
3. Write it down

Thankfully, we're teaming up with momAgenda with a special bundle to make all this easier! Here's how it works: First, you buy the bundle. From there you read Mom Boss and set your goals. Next you write them down in your momAgenda. Then you fill in the planner with all the other glorious minutiae of motherhood so it's all on paper. Chaos controlled and you are WINNING!

It's my go-to organizer. There's a spot for everything. Let's take a peek inside:


Nina Restieri, the genius behind the planner has a space for everything. At the top of the weekly section it's all for mom. Then there are spots for up to 4 kids, extras include little quotes on each page and a menu-planning space. The book is packed with much more too--areas for organizing events and contacts for starters. You'll also love the "momEssentials" that lets you keep your family's medical information, birthdays, websites and passwords organized all in one place.

I suggest personalizing the calendar with washi tape and colored pens. It'll look fabulous and make important events stand out.


We're partnering with momAgenda to bring you two of our favorite colors: fuchsia and leopard. We want you to make this the best year ever. Now is the time to get started.


Get a jump on the new year! Start setting goals NOW! First, get your signed copy of Mom Boss the books that is changing women's lives. Don't believe me? Listen to a reviewer:

Jordan Reid from @RamshackleGlam says..."


Mom Boss Book Bundle

Full of relatable, realistic (and phenomenal) advice, Mom Boss is the essential companion for any woman in search of that ever-elusive work/life balance. Nicole Feliciano's genuine, straightforward approach is a breath of fresh air, and may be what many women finally need to hear in order to take the next step towards entrepreneurship. "

Add the mom planner that will change your life. The MomAgenda is all about keeping you organized so you can meet your goals both personal and professional. There is a space for EVERYTHING! This agenda will take you through December 2017.



Now you're on your way to the best year ever!

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