Lady Liberty; A Biography


Right outside my window I can see the Statue of Liberty. This special American icon greets me each day as a reminder of this country's greatness. Both my husband and I have relatives who are recent immigrants. While, they didn't take a boat into NYC, they are a part of what makes this country great--we welcome immigrants with big hopes and dreams. Doreen Rappaport and Matt Tavares have a new picture book out:Lady Liberty: A Biography that celebrates our great lady.

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Matt Tavares' lush illustrations bring the history of the statue alive. His pictures have a richness that serve the serious story well. For her part, Rappaport writes in rhyme. She gives us the history of the statue by looking at the people who were involved in her creation. From Charles P. Stone, a construction supervisor at Bedloe's Island in 1884, to Auguste Bartholdi, the sculptor, who unveiled the statue in 1886. And for anyone with a book report--the back portion of the book is filled with facts and figures (for example the length of her nose is 4' 6"). What a charming history lesson.

It's a bit advanced for my girls--I'm reading it to them in small bites. But I know in a few years they will treasure this book and our girl out in the Hudson.Buy Lady Liberty on Amazon $17.99.

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