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Jill Kargman: Creator of Bravo's Odd Mom Out

Odd Mom Out

Get ready to be inspired by Jill Kargman of Odd Mom Out...

1. What inspired you to share your unconventional views on motherhood, life, and family in your new release, Sprinkle Glitter on my Grave?

I actually have been percolating on this funny approach to morbidity for a while. It started with a few essays and lists based on the template of Sometimes I Feel Like A Nut, my first non-fiction book. It crystallized into focus when my daughter, Ivy, essentially named the book. We were at the burial of my beloved aunt who died suddenly in a fluke accident. There were wilting flowers by the tombstone next to her. Ivy remarked flowers die so fast it was depressing to have them in cemeteries, adding, "when you die I'm going to sprinkle glitter on your grave because you are fabulous and glitter is very hard to clean up!" I loved it, and immediately knew that was my title essay.

2. What is the significance behind the title of your book? And, how does it relate to the way in which you live your life?

I think my dark side makes me love life even more- the constant feeling of carpe diem. And, you can't take it with you has always been inspiring to me. As a child, my parents both loved Dutch vanitas paintings, still lives with jewels and flowers and food and ephemera, along with a skull signifying the lack of permanence of all of it. They're so haunting yet so beautiful. That is the essence of what I orbit like an insect- the juxtaposition of violence and romance, edge and humor, leather and lace, etc. So glitter in a graveyard fits right in!

3. As the creator of Bravo’s hit television show Odd Mom Out, how do you incorporate your real-life experiences into a fictional world without offending those in your social circle?

I don't think I offend anyone really since our show isn't at all mean-spirited but rather a satire laced together with observations and some barbs but mostly just light-hearted fun.

Jill Kargman

4. What effect does social media have on moms today, especially in terms of keeping up with appearances while trying to raise well-adjusted kids? 

I think there is a really pernicious side to people projecting perfection and the idea that every filtered post is somehow a window into their life. It's not; it's a construct and can be misleading. My teenage daughter scrolls her Instagrams and comments on the alleged fabulosity and I say, "sometimes the grass looks greener because it's AstroTurf- all fake."

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5. As moms, what’s your best advice for staying sane while embracing the chaos of motherhood and life?

Pinot noir, close friends you can trust, and two weekends away a year at least!

I don't know about you, but I just may be sitting down to an Odd Mom Out marathon this weekend!

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