Interview with Barbara Taylor Bradford

Barbara Taylor Bradford

Jen: Please share with our readers the premise behind the captivating Cavendon Hall series.

Barbara: The Cavendon Chronicles covers 32 years in the lives of the Inghams and the Swanns, the two families who live at Cavendon, a stately home in the North of England. The first book begins in 1913 and the third one ends in 1945. During those years we see the ups and downs in the lives of all of the characters and how they are affected by two world wars. We witness how the women of Cavendon, of whom I call Women Warriors, cope, lead and overcome many trials and tribulations to triumph in the end.

Cavendon Luck

Jen: Let’s talk about your latest release, The Cavendon Luck. With the arrival of World War II, what challenges is Cavendon Hall facing?

Barbara: The Cavendon Luck picks up nine years after The Cavendon Women, in July of 1938. Cecily and Miles, with the help of the whole family, have brought the family and the estate back from the brink of disaster. But as the war draws closer, each of the main characters is uniquely affected by challenges facing them. Some are drafted to fight for their country. Others are faced with matters like trying to help smuggle families out of Nazi Germany.

Jen: How much research is needed in order for the story to ring true with your readers? And, what was the most fascinating tidbit you learned along the way?

Barbara: I completed several months of research for this book based upon battles, headlines and speeches by Winston Churchill relating to World War II. I gained new insight into some specific bombings of England when I was a child growing up in Leeds. I had remembered running down into the shelters many times, but now have a clearer sense of the damage that was caused by these attacks.

Cavendon Trio

Jen: Please take us on a tour of your website highlighting points of interest.

Barbara: My website is the perfect archive to get a list of all my 31 novels to date. This includes summaries, links for purchase and some reviews of each book. You can also get a taste of the ten movies that have been made based upon my novels. Plus, I answer some frequently asked questions. And of course, there is my biography, a contact page and a place for readers to send questions to me.

Jen: Are you currently at work on your next project? If so, what may you share with our readers?

Barbara: At the request of my publishers in both the US and the UK, I am going to be writing a fourth book in the Cavendon series. The title and the main storyline is still being worked on. However, I know if will take place in the 1950s. I’ve already begun to do my research.

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