How to Make a Pregnant Woman Happy

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Men need answers. They are problem solvers by nature. If you are pregnant, thinking of getting pregnant or have a friend who is pregnant, by all means give the male in the equation this book. How to Make a Pregnant Woman Happy was written by an expert. With 25 years as an Ob/Gyn, the author, Dr. UzziReiss, is armed with answers and a bit of wit. Here's how he breaks it down:

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The Problem: From frequent urination to fatigue he lays out the medical and emotional challenges moms face in short segments. The problems are easy to find in the Index and TOC.

The Facts: Dr. Reiss delivers the science and psychology behind the problems (i.e an enlarged uterus causes a mom-to-be to pee all the time).

What to Do: The most important feature. Bullet points galore offering ideas and tips for navigating the wild ride or pregnancy (in the case of the peeing situation, the best solution is to help the expecting mother get back to sleep quickly after her frequent dashes to the toilet).

When to Get Help: It's only natural that there are cases when support and these handy solutions won't cut it. This section breaks down when to call in the experts.

I'm not alone in my assessment of this treasure. How to Make a Pregnant Woman Happy has been translated into a dozen languages. So save the man in your life some stress, and give him this book for Father's Day. It's a win-win proposition. Buy on Amazon ($10.17).

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