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The easiest way to tame a picky eater is to get him (or her) involved in the kitchen. I'm always on the hunt for products that make cooking for and with kids easier. I was delighted to check out the offerings from Handstand Kids.

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A team of artists and writers contributes to the cookbooks. So the variety is inspiring, from Mexican to Italianto Chinese, there is something for every taste. All the cookbooks contain bright illustrations and a 1-2-3 type instructions. The ideas are easy to follow, but will require a bit of prep and shopping.

We've been looking at recipes in theHSK Chinese Cookbook Kit($28). The Belly Bowl of Beef and Broccoli in theChinese cookbook requires fresh ginger root and sesame oil--things you may not regularly keep in the kitchen. The recipes are ranked to indicate the level of difficulty. Chocolate Noodle Clusters are one chopstick (and look really yummy), while the Spring-a-licious Rolls earn four chopsticks (17 ingredients and a trip to a special market to get spring roll wrappers).

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If you've got a budding chef on your hands, I highly recommend picking up one or two of these books and trying some ethnic food with the kids. While you're shopping, you might want to pick up a all-purpose mat. We got the China one. It has vocabularylessons, pictures and teaches geography.

And here's a special treat. The Handstand Kids Cookbook Company honors father figures by creating a fun and easy-to-use platform for children to show dads their appreciation this Father'??s Day. www.toasttodads.com, offers numerous easy-to-use features to honor dads, including: stories from famous chefs about cooking with their fathers; a unique e-card service with foodie-friendly messages of appreciation; daily quotes and news from celebrity fathers over the past 100 years; and much more.

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