Halloween Ideas for Preschoolers

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I've got a gazillion great Halloween ideas to share with you this month. To get things started I'm going to suggest two books to get you into the spirit: Vunce Upon a Time is a story about a veggie-loving vampire (not a tad scary--very silly and little boys will love it) and the classicA Very Brave Witch by Alison McGhee and illustrated by Harry Bliss. Both tales are about bravery and cleverness. Halloween can be a little overwhelming for the preschool set. Why not play up the creativity and fun in the holiday!

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This year there's a new way to embrace Halloween books. Scholastic just released a new collection of Halloween classics on DVD:A Very Brave Witch...and more Halloween stories. The collection has a narrator (Elle Fanning reads A Brave Witch) read the tale. Kids can follow along and sight read as the words appear on the screen. I got a preview copy and sat down with my preschooler over the weekend to watch the show. We loved The Brave Witch and out other favorite was The Witch in the Cherry Tree. This is an excellent DVD for taking on a road trip or for a little non-commercial, non-sugar-buzz-inducing Halloween fun.

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