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Kids are natural environmentalists. They love trees and animals and crave outdoor time. I've found a few books that foster their innate desire to be green.

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Penton Kids Press has a book called My Bag and Me! This small and simple tale (a mom and her son grocery shop) comes with a big message: Plastic shopping bags are the pits. Pleasant illustrations and succinct prose caught my eye, but the best part is the book is packaged with a reusable shopping tote for kids to pretend shop--and maybe remind mom and dad to do the same. The publishers state that more than 500 billion bags are used globally per year. Maybe this one little book can do some good (best for ages 2-5) . $8.76

Older kids (4+) will fall head over paws for Knut. A best-selling father-daughter team co-authored this book with the Zoo Berlin. How One Little Polar Bear Captivated The World (Knut)tells the story of an abandoned polar bear cub who was raised by zookeeper Thomas Dorflein. Craig Hatkoff and his two daughters penned "Knut" to share this adorable cub with the world. The book is more detailed than most toddlers can handle, but for older kids and adult polar bear lovers, Knut is a great mascot to adopt. The thought is if kids love polar bears, they will in turn despise global warming. Good thinking! $11.55

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With all of this bedtime reading, I've got another way for you to go green: switching your standard bulb for a CFL (read more at one billion bulbs). CFL stands for compact fluorescent. Sylvania sent me some interesting research. Apparently, CFL bulbs save energy and lower the electric bill. Plus, they last about 11 years. All this equals big savings (they estimate savings of $56 on each bulb replaced). Check out the SYLVANIA 23W Compact Fluorescent Micro Mini for smaller lamps and light fixture.

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