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Great Books for New Moms

Lyss Stern, NY mom and Founder of Divalysscious Moms, has been making motherhood chic and trendy for years. Divalysscious Moms was born to bridge the gap between a glam, pre-baby lifestyle and a post-baby life. Lyss has been putting on NY swankest mommy soirees and hosting events that attract mommy a-listers for years and now she's got a book out.

mom a martini

If You Give a Mom a Martini: 100 Ways to Find 10 Blissful Minutes for Yourself was written "For all moms out there who know the value of having their personal time but know how difficult it is to find it. If brushing your teeth provides the only moment of the day when you’re truly alone and at peace, then this book is for you!"

The suggestions for using your moments alone to the max run the gamut from sweet to satiric—surreptitiously rearranging your Netflix queue so your movies arrive before your husband’s and kids’ do, browsing for bling at Harry Winston, leaving the kids to shop with your husband and slip into Brookstone for a rest in one of their giant massage chairs. Only a NY diva mom would deliver such delicious insight.

make a mom happy

Men need answers. They are problem solvers by nature. If you are pregnant, thinking of getting pregnant or have a friend who is pregnant, by all means give the male in the equation this book. How to Make a Pregnant Woman Happy was written by an expert. With 25 years as an Ob/Gyn, the author, Dr. Uzzi Reiss, is armed with answers and a bit of wit. Here’s how he breaks it down:

The Problem: From frequent urination to fatigue he lays out the medical and emotional challenges moms face in short segments. The problems are easy to find in the Index and TOC.

The Facts: Dr. Reiss delivers the science and psychology behind the problems (i.e an enlarged uterus causes a mom-to-be to pee all the time).

What to Do: The most important feature. Bullet points galore offering ideas and tips for navigating the wild ride or pregnancy (in the case of the peeing situation, the best solution is to help the expecting mother get back to sleep quickly after her frequent dashes to the toilet).

When to Get Help: It’s only natural that there are cases when support and these handy solutions won’t cut it. This section breaks down when to call in the experts.

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I’m not alone in my assessment of this treasure. How to Make a Pregnant Woman Happy has been translated into a dozen languages. So save the man in your life some stress, and give him this book for Father’s Day. It’s a win-win proposition. Buy on Amazon ($10.17).

feather the nest

Oh how I love to get books in the mail. A new find is Feathering the Nest a nursery design book from celebrity designer Tracy Hutson (mother of two boys and visionary on the show Extreme Makeover Home Edition fame). Tracy just released this decorating tome designed inspire parents to step it up when setting up the nursery.

To get started, Tracy suggests looking for inspiration in unusual places–be it a children’s drawing, a heirloom blanket or a sublime modern crib. She says, “Think of the nursery as a blank canvas, awaiting the personality that will emerge over time.follow“

The book has a little bit of everything: craft projects (decoupage anyone?), organizational tips, ideas for keeping things as green as possible and, of course, heaps of design help from color schemes to window treatments.

A great shower gift or a lovely present for a friend who just announced “I’m pregnant!”–the color photographs are simply gorgeous and this book is a wonderful way to dream about the baby on the way.

eat right book

Eating for two–what a joke! That method of eating results in unwanted and unnecessary pounds that are tough to take off post-baby. A better bet is to have a game-plan going into your pregnancy. That’s right, makeover your diet before getting pregnant and then put your best foot forward into feeding yourself and baby during your pregnancy. A new guide called Expect the Best: Your Guide to Healthy Eating Before, During, and After Pregnancy can help with this process.

Elizabeth Ward, M.S., R.D., wrote the book for the American Dietetic Association. I found it to be packed with useful information. From recipes to exercise tips, this book is an excellent reference guide. Many of the expecting books out their focus on baby’s development which is great–but this book looks into the health of the mother. My favorite chapter (other than the recipes ) was #2. This chapter broke down the nutrients, such as protein, and then offered “best food sources” to get protein. I like her ideas an her clear descriptions.

What you won’t get–cutesy illustrations and fluffy fillers (for Ward, the warm fuzzy part from via the Word of Mother Wisdom–tiny sidebars tossed on every few pages of the book with quotes from moms).What you will get: clear writing and facts.

Great books for expecting moms

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