Cozy Classics: Beloved Classic Books for Babies


I love our bedtime ritual of reading stories. I just discovered a new way to incorporate classics into our night with Cozy Classics [Simply Read Books], an interesting new series of children's board books with a highbrow twist from twin brothers Holman Wang and Jack Wang.

Designed as developmentally appropriate abridgements for the very youngest of learners, Cozy Classics retell the world's most beloved literary works in just 12 simple, baby-friendly words. Complemented by photographs of lifelike, expressive and simply stunning needle-felted figures and objects, Cozy Classics inject a sense of narrative into the baby wordbook genre. For while there are only so many years one can spend learning to count to ten or the colors of the rainbow, the pleasure that is to be found in the works of literature's greats, as any adult knows, is forever!

"From a very young age, children fall in love with characters: Barney, Dora, Cinderella," says Holman Wang. "Cozy Classics fosters a love of characters that will ultimately lead to the classics themselves. Unlike Barney and Dora, Moby Dick's Ishmael and Pride & Prejudice's Elizabeth Bennett are characters that children will never outgrow."

The fun books contain elegant-yet-adorable photography of needle-felted figures and objects that are hugely appealing to children, while the realism, stunning craftsmanship and artistic integrity. They also teaches children more than the same old numbers and colors: from emotions (Moby Dick's Ahab is "mad!") to social strata (Les Miserables' Jean Valjean is "poor'") as babies and children explore new words and themes.

Cozy Classics' includes Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice [November 15, 2012] Herman Melville's Moby Dick [November 15, 2012], Victor Hugo's Les Miserables [April 2013] and Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace [June 2013].

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