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Get Your Hopes Up! by Joyce Meyer

Moms need daily doses of inspiration, especially when we are in the midst of raising our kids. We oftentimes get so involved with satisfying everyone else's needs that we stop paying attention to our own. Sound familiar? In a typical day, we cross our fingers hoping to get our chores done, kids fed, and the house semi-cleaned before bedtime, but is that really enough? Perhaps we should be aspiring for something more from ourselves... and others. Now is the time to try something new. Dream big! That needs to become every woman's redefining mantra!

Get Your Hopes Up

Just ask Joyce Meyer, a wife, mom, and one of the world's leading practical Bible teachers. She, too, has experienced many of the same challenges that we face today. In her latest release, Get Your Hopes Up!, she shares three practical steps for embracing the power of hopefulness. Isn't that what we all need? By believing, asking, and looking, moms like us will be able to reap the rewards of hopefulness. Using multiple Biblical references and uplifting anecdotes, Joyce shares her inspiring message giving us the tools to live a motivating life bold in faith. Recently, Momtrends had a chance to chat with Joyce about her encouraging new book.

Joyce Meyer
Get Your Hopes Up!

MT: Your latest release, GET YOUR HOPES UP!, addresses the divine connection between the power of hopefulness and faith. What inspired you to write about this topic?

JM: Hope is a choice because our thoughts and attitudes belong to us.
Thankfully, although we all have emotions, we do not have to let them rule
our life.

MT: In your opinion, why is hope a choice?

JM:There is a huge connection between hope and faith. I think many people
think they are in faith (trusting God) to take care of a problem, but they
simultaneously have a negative attitude and expectation. Hope is like the
pathway to faith. Trusting God and expecting something good to happen
must go hand in hand.

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MT: What are the steps involved in hopefulness?

JM: Steps involved in hopefulness are : 1. Decide you are going to expect
good things in your life. 2. When you talk about your needs or
difficulties do so with hopeful conversation. 3. When your circumstances
seem to be saying that there is no hope, keep hoping anyway. Hope is
easier than hopelessness and it certainly is more joyful.

MT: For busy moms, what is your best advice for keeping a positive outlook amid a hectic pace of life?

JM: For mom’s who have a hectic pace of life keeping a positive outlook is
much easier when they take time to do somethings for themselves as well as
taking care of their family. Reading hopeful material (the bible, good
books and articles) is very helpful. Work your schedule around God, don’t
try to work Him into your schedule. Even if the time you have is not much
try to start your day with time with God. Having some relationships with
positive, hopeful people is also quite refreshing.

MT: What is the single most important principle of hopefulness to grasp?

JM: The single most important principal of hope to grasp is that it is a
choice, not a feeling. Feelings may come with it, but it begins with a
choice to believe that good things are going to happen to you.

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