Get Your Grub On

grub cookbook

Are you trying to clean up your diet and set your kids on a course of healthy eating for a lifetime? You'll want to check out Grub, a newish (2006) cookbook from Anna Lappé and chef Bryant Terry. Really this book is more about sustainable food and it just so happens to have some excellent recipes that don't require tons of prep or slaving in the kitchen for hours.

I went to a fun interactive cooking demo in Brooklyn and saw Bryant in action. He's a fellow Brooklynite and returns to the neighborhood as frequently as possible to promote good food, healthy living, and a few books. He's very down to earth and the book is an excellent read. It's informative as well as instructional and may very well inspire you to introduce yourself to the kitchen (you know it's the big room in the house with all those appliances) and wander to your local farmer's market.

Want a tasty summer meal that won't leave you feeling bloated? Turn to page 246. The Watercress and Grilled Pineapple Salsa withAvocado and SourOrangeDressing is a winner.

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