Expect the Best Guide to Maternal Nutrition

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Eating for two--what a joke! That method of eating results in unwanted and unnecessary pounds that are tough to take off post-baby. A better bet is to have a game-plan going into your pregnancy. That's right, makeover your diet before getting pregnant and then put your best foot forward into feeding yourself and baby during your pregnancy. A new guide called Expect the Best: Your Guide to Healthy Eating Before, During, and After Pregnancy can help with this process.

Elizabeth Ward, M.S., R.D., wrote the book for the American Dietetic Association. I found it to be packed with useful information. From recipes (I posted one I want to try this weekend for quinoa) to exercise tips, this book is an excellent reference guide. Many of the expecting books out their focus on baby's development which is great--but this book looks into the health of the mother. My favorite chapter (other than the recipes ) was #2. This chapter broke down the nutrients, such as protein, and then offered "best food sources" to get protein. I like her ideas an her clear descriptions.

What you won't get--cutesy illustrations and fluffy fillers (for Ward, the warm fuzzy part from via the Word of Mother Wisdom--tiny sidebars tossed on every few pages of the book with quotes from moms).What you will get: clear writing and facts.

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