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Sifting through all the choices in baby gear can be a full-time job--I should know because it sure fills up my days! Thankfully the folks at Consumer Reports are in the business of making our choices less painful. Best Baby Products, 10th Edition ($11.53 on Amazon) guides new parents through all the big ones--from cars (Honda Accord wins the most family friendly award) to pacifiers (they like silicone--no specific brand).

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Consumer Reports keeps things honest--they don't take ads in their magazines. They are a division of the Consumers Union, an independent nonprofit organization workong for a just marketplace. If you like to do your research, this will be a great tool. One caveat--the focus in on safety and value, not fashion. It's a bit clinical at times, so don't forget to splurge here and there for the new baby too! Here's what you'll find inside:

  • Helpful tips on '??building'? the baby'??s nursery from crib to diaper bag
  • Ratings of car seats, carriers, play yards, and travel systems
  • Recent safety recalls and articles regarding safety
  • The most commonly prescribed medications for babies
  • Childproofing and home-safety tips
  • Shopping guides to websites, catalogs, and stores
  • Checklists and worksheets to help organize the shopping process.

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