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"Confessions of A Scary Mommy" Book Launch


Jill Smokler is a total Mom Boss (and if you want to be one too, get the Mom Boss e-book on Amazon here). I loved getting to be a part of her Confessions of A Scary Mommy launch.

Confession: On some Saturday mornings -- when my son's swimming class is cancelled and we don't have an activity or playdate scheduled in place of swimming class -- if my son wakes up before 9:30am, I pretend to still be asleep when he calls out for me. And once he gives up calling, "Mommy!" after about 10 minutes, I really go back to sleep for another half hour or so.

Want to know something else? Sometimes I lock myself in the bathroom so that I can take a breather, eat cookies, and read a magazine.

These are just two of the many survival mechanisms that I've adopted in order to succeed in this thing called motherhood.

I'm sure that you've adopted a few survival mechanisms of your own. After all, it's crucial -- and necessary -- for our well-being as mothers! And you know what? You're not alone, either. Other moms have employed survival mechanisms when dealing with ups and downs of motherhood too. It can be hard to tell, though, since so much about motherhood that isn't flowers, daisies, butterflies, and skipping through fields is deemed as taboo. Right?


Enter "Confessions of A Scary Mommy," by Jill Smokler. With the subtitle, "An Honest and Irreverent Look at Motherhood -- The Good, The Bad, and The Scary," the words in this book pulls at the heartstrings. The book launched last week and Momtrends was on site at Ouidad Salon in Midtown Manhattan to chit chat with the lovely author and send her our well wishes. Over champagne and little bites, we conversed about what it's like to be a Scary Mommy.

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Jill Smokler and Alicia Harper

Jill Smokler and Alicia Harper

Jill Smokler and Alicia Harper

What began as an online journal of sorts for her children evolved into an entire community where moms can go to in order to unload, share stories, and feel supported in this sometimes trying and often thankless task. A large part of the online community was devoted solely to the "Scary Mommy Confessionals," where moms can go and, you guessed it, confess their funniest and darkest mommy moments.

Some confessions will make you laugh: "My husband is convinced he's going to bang the baby's head during sex. Honey, I've seen your thing and NO WAY can it reach that far. Not even close."

Some confessions will make you tear up: "I spent every day pissed off at this unborn baby for making me so ill. He's not even born and I'm a terrible mother."

Some confessions will make you nod your head in agreement: "I'm afraid I won't be able to love this new baby as much as my daughter. The fear consumes me."

But all of them will make you think about motherhood because it's amazing and exhausting and joyful and thankless and lovely and messy and wonderful all wrapped up in a not-so-perfect bow.

This is exactly what you'll find in the book, "Confessions of A Scary Mommy." Smokler's story is not all of our stories, but it is relatable in many ways. And it is beyond hilarious so you'll definitely need a sense of humor about all things motherhood before you grab yourself a copy. But once you pick it up, I promise you, you will not be able to put it down. You may want to lock yourself in the bathroom just so you can finish this book!

Thank you so much to Ouidad and Scary Mommy for hosting such a fabulous event! You can get your copy of the book on Amazon.

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