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I'm a big fan of Real Birth's comprehensive childbirth classes. Erica Lyon helped my husband and me prepare for the birth of our daughter. We opted for the five-week course thinking we needed time to get our heads around the demands of labor and delivery. Lyon's Real Birth centers train hundreds of New York parents for the wild ride of the birth experience, focusing on realistic preparation for childbirth: the good, the bad and the ugly.

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Our mission is to provide an educational resource for parents, helping them negotiate many of the critical choices they will face during birth and parenthood. Labor and new parenthood are challenging events. We are here to teach, build confidence and provide community. Your choices affect your outcome and your experience. At Real Birth, we are dedicated to giving you tools for the unknown.

From scheduled C's to techniques for pain management endured during natural birth, every parent can glean important tips and information from these classes. If you don't live in the New York area, check out Lyon's new book: The Big Book of Birth, a complete look at birth and pregnancy. In addition, Real Birth locations offer postpartum classes and mommy & me activities.

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