Book Review: 100 Ways to Be Happier Right Now


Everyone should be happy, but according to Amy Spencer's BRIGHT SIDE UP: 100 Ways to Be Happier Right Now this happiness sometimes can take work as you re-train your mind to live truthfully and focus on the life that is ideal to you.

An "emergency optimism" guide for everyday life, I quickly read the book and loved Amy's positive and uplifting message that incorporates tips on how to rewire our brain to think more positively - allowing for perspective, gratitude and appreciation. Something that moms often neglect (or forget) with busy and rigorous lives.

Chocked with personal stories and antidotes, the book is written in a warm tone complete with honest advice that every mom can incorporate into their lives.

I loved how everyday, otherwise annoying situations in life can be turned into something positive thanks to tidbits such as "Asking your 100 year old self" for advice. By doing this, Amy notes that you aren't focusing on obsessions - career, money, men, etc - but rather, looking at life as precious helping women to slow down and enjoy every moment for what it is. This is particularly true with children. When they give me a hard time, I try to remember that these moments are fleeting - that my time with them is precious, which allows me to put the experience (and them) into perspective).

Additional antidotes in the book include: "Float with the current...then kick to the shore," "Take the Tourist's Point of View," "Practice Self-Compassion," and "Take Back Control." Really simple messages that most of us forgot through the craziness in our lives and let bother us - causing misery and anger. Something no mom needs to harbor with them.

I also really loved how Amy provided amazing tips on how to turn difficult moments into inspiring ones as well as those that really allow you to learn and grow into a happy person.

As Amy noted, "I created How to Be Happier to inspire your readers that a small shift in their perspective can make a big difference in their happiness."

She truly has a magical influence through her simple, yet straightforward tone and I personally can't wait to make some real changes in my life with this exciting new book. Couldn't we all use some emergency optimism?

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