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Bezzerwizzer Game Night

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Last week the Momtrends team livened up a typical Tuesday night with a fun-filled evening of Bezzerwizzer. Joining us was a fabulous group of mommy friends and bloggers who teamed up to test their trivia knowledge.

Bezzerwizzer (which means smart ass in Danish) is a trivia game by Mattel in which timely tactics and trickery are as important as being well informed. Our group of first-time players found the game to be just that!

After being divided into four color-coded teams (based on the colors in the game), the moderator (hostess in this instance) briefed the players on the rules. We highly recommend having a moderator to read the questions and monitor the use of B and Z tiles throughout the game.

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Each team then drew category tiles from a bag and sorted them on their board according to their knowledge of the subjects. There are twenty categories, including unique ones like Design, Traditions & Beliefs, and Nature. New categories are chosen each round, so even less advanced trivia players have a shot at answering a question. We had Team Momtrends, Team Mamaista (shown with Maria and Elina below) and Team Big City Moms. Things got pretty competitive--these moms know their trivia!

Players moved around the board, but not too quickly. We were stumped by some questions like, '??what does SKU stand for?'? You would think that a group of shoppers like us would have known this one. No worries though, we had outside help from our amazing twitter followers (the most notable twitter players include @jsbagain and @thebabyguynyc). Thanks guys!

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The game became more interesting and lively when the teams began using the "Z" for "ZWAP" tile and the "B" for "BEZZERWIZZER" tile '?? both adding a great twist to the game. The single "Z" tile allows you to swap categories with an opponent during your turn. The two "B" tiles are used to answer a question that your opponent might not know.

Getting to the end of the board entailed some failed questions and lost B and Z tiles, but not without tons of laughter and fun.

Following the game, players were treated to decadent brownies and cookies by Ruby et Violette.

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And moms shopped Stella and Dot for some stylish jewelry.

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And finally, everyone left with a smile on their face and a great gift bag filled with their very own Bezzerwizzer game ($29.99), a holiday rogue lipstick from Clarins, exclusive invites to, and Dove chocolates. Buy Bezzerwizzer at Amazon ($29.99)

This was a sponsored event. A huge thank you to everyone that supports Momtrends.

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