Beamer Visits the Emergency Room


This week a friend had to bring her son to the emergency room. I wished I could have expressed mailed her this book. Beamer is a pup with a bog heart. His job is to guide children through the sometimes scary process of heading to the ER.


Beamer's tale is about a dog who gets injured and has to go through the whole business--diagnosis, xray, bandaging, and recovery. Now Beamer's job is to comfort others. You'll be glad you met this gentle therapy dog who provides unconditional love and encouragement. While I hope you never have to visit the ER, it's always nice to have resources like this on hand.

Beamer is a real dog. He lives in Virginia with his "dog mom" Dominique--he's a naturally certified therapy dog. Find out more about his work at

To read more about the Beamer series visit

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