Beach reading for busy moms


NO, I'm not going to assign Euripides in the original ancient Greek. I've got three easy breezy beach reads to recommend.

My favorite comes from a familiar writer, Alison Pace. I just finished her third novel, Through Thick and Thin.

The novel follows sisters, Meredith and Stephanie, as they navigate the waters of sibling discontent. Meredith has a fabulous job in Manhattan as a food critic. Her life is a whirlwind of five star dining experiences and office drama. Stephanie fills her day caring for her baby daughter and playing wife in her suburban New Jersey home. You guessed it: jealousy rears it's ugly head as each suffers from "grass is greener" syndrome.

When they aren't dancing around their differences, the sisters share a goal--shedding some of their excess weight. When hunger sets in, tensions rise and the sisters start clawing at each other. Pace pens a lovely story. Her writing is honest and polished--this isn't your average toss-away chick-lit. You'll actually want to pass this along to a friend...or maybe a sister.


And finally for a ego-boost, weary moms will love Slummy Mummy. Fiona Neill's debut introduces us to Lucy, a bored North London housewife who uses flirtation and alcohol to liven things up. Staying home to care for her three young boys has all but sucked the life out of the once creative television producer. To keep things interesting, Lucy maintains a constant level of chaos in her home. Neill is a sound writer adroitly producing spot-on dialog and a few hilarious moments of Mummy-mayhem.

mommy mantras

I’ve got another great gift idea–Mommy Mantras. The book was released a couple years ago, but boy does it still resonate. And you don’t have to be a yogi to appreciate the simple wisdom of this book. Authors, Bethany Casarjian and Dian Dillon, come from a place of common sense and honesty. Favorite mantras include:

Surrender to the Goat–basically meaning give in to the whims of your toddler. For my daughter, this means endless readings of Block City and a fascination with one a particular sippy cup.

Wiping the Slate Clean–Practice a nightly forgiveness ritual of yourself and of your child. Start each day fresh.

Tuck this tiny book at your bedside or in the bathroom and read a chapter when you need a quick pep-talk. Also makes a great shower gift!

Happy Reading!

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