Back to School Books


We're addicted to books. And they are a great way to get kids excited about the upcoming school year.

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My older daughter has been obsessed with "reading" Charlie and Lola's Oppositesand Charlie and Lola's Numbers. She's got the books memorized and she reads and shows the pictures to her little sister--cute! Grade A

If you've got a bus rider or a fan of vehicles read I'm Your Bus from Marilyn Singer (illustrations by EvanPolenghi). The rhymes are a little cheesy, but the pictures are sunny. I'd say this is good to check out at the library. Grade C

How Do Dinosaurs Go To School?was super cool. This is a series from Jane Yolen and Mark Teague (click the photo for a link to an author interview). The pictures are glorious and the book teaches good school manners--not in a preachy way in a fun foot stomping dino-rrific way. Grade B+

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David Goes To Schoolis a new classic. I am astounded how my 18 month old sits still mesmerized by this book. Could be the simple text, could be the lively colors. Don't know, but it works. Grade: A

I Spy A To Z is an over-sized picture book with simple rhymes. This book is best suited to ages 3 and up. Little ones just aren't drawn into this book. But for older kids it's a good way to expand vocabulary. Grade: B

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