Back to School Begins

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Are you still soggy from a day at the pool? Me too. But it's hard to escape the fact that in a few short weeks my oldest will be starting preschool. Of course, I'm anxious, but also excited. This month we'll focus on getting prepped for school. There will be cool contests, stellar saving coupons, tips, tricks and advice from the pros.

To kick off the month, I'm sharing two companies that focus on getting kids ready to learn and read. First, I was sent two terrific workbooks from School Zone. Now I'm not expecting my 3 y.o. to master math or reading, but she loves "working" in these books. There are tons of simple concepts (matching, tracing letters, etc.) that keep her busy while I finish feeding the baby. I tried Early Math Readiness Workbook $7.99 (loved all the stickers) and the Big Alphabet Workbook. I think it's good practice to just SIT STILL for a few moments.

Another resource I'm using is Scholastic. In Soho, NY they've got a terrific store and loads of events just for preschoolers. For those outside of NYC, check out the Scholastic website. They have tips for teachers and parents alike. Each week there are tips and activity suggestions to encourage a love of learning. This week they offer hands on gardening ideas and loads of book suggestions. Why not download some free pictures to color? I'm eager to get help where ever I can! Don't miss a favorite Scholastic book Knuffle Bunny Too the sequel to Knuffle Bunny.

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Read enjoy and stay posted for more!

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