Always in Trouble Book Review

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Kids+dogs=mess. That's a pretty reliable equation for a good picture book for kids. This time around the book is Always In Trouble written by Corinne Demas and illustrated by Noah Z. Jones.

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The dog in question, Toby, is a good-natured mutt. The little girl in charge (?) is a spunky African American girl called Emma. She's got the tall task of getting Toby in check. He's intoeverything, the trash, the food, the street. BIG TROUBLE. Dog school should fix the problem. And it does for a bit. But who wants a dog that is perfect 100% of the time! The Obama girls would love this book--I bet even the perfect White House dog gets into trouble.

Thanks to crisp writing and a duo that is hard to resist, this book is a winner.Buy on $16.99

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