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You haven't disappointed me dear readers. I was warned that book month would mean low traffic. Ha! Turns out you love reading as much as I do. So let the fun continue. Let's talk about mice. While I adore Stuart Little, we're more into girl mice. Specifically, girl mice with a zest for living large and taking charge.

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Over in the UK, that would mean the irrepressible Angelina Ballerina. And if you have a little girl that loves to dance, move and take charge, I highly recommend the series. Buy Storybook Collection Box Set (5 Books) on Amazon $27.95 and up.

In the US, the leading mouse writer (in my book) is Keven Henkes. Let me introduce yo to Lilly. She loves school, her family and most of all being the center of attention. For little girls with can-do attitudes and colorful imaginations I recommend Lilly's Big Day and Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse. There are plenty of under the radar parent pleasing jokes (thank goodness since I read these books 1-2 times per week) and little girls simply adore Lilly and the zippy illustrations. Harper Collins has a nice A Box Full of Lilly ($24.99) with both books and a poster.

To see a full list of all Kevin's "Mouse Books"--and there are plenty just for boys--visit his site here. Long live the mouse!

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