The 5 Simple Truths of Raising Kids


Every week my inbox is flooded with parenting books to review all with a common theme: Our kids are in a desperate state and need immediate intervention. R. Bradley Snyder's book, The 5 Simple Truths of Raising Kids takes away the dread and replaces it with hopefulness and humor.

The good news? Our tweens and teens are in pretty good shape (arguably in a better spot than my peers in Generation X). Snyder cuts through the hyperbole of modern statistics to and gives parents tangible takeaways.

I'm better prepared for the tween years that I'm facing having been able to discern fact from sensational headline. This doesn't mean parents have a free ride, but it does mean we're not in a cataclysmic situation. With care and attention, Snyder gives parents the tools they need to guide their kids through these years.

After reading the press copy, I saw Brad present the book at the Working Moms' Media Work/Life Conference. The presentation was full of hopeful facts and tips to keep the bond between parent and tween strong. The keys? Persistence, Patience and Presence. 

brad snyder

Buy it on Amazon for Kindle here ($10.33) or in paperback ($13.22)

For more about Brad's work check out this post. It's all about sexual activity in girls, and whew, it's a bit of good news.

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