New Look for Momtrends


You may have noticed a few changes here at Momtrends. Thanks to Patricia at Mahogany Made Designs, Momtrends has never looked better. And we set another record for traffic last month. As a thank you, you can expect tons of great contests this month and more trend updates.

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As a reminder of where we stand: Momtrends does not accept paid posts. We do accept sponsors. We do accept products for review--and you'll get honest feedback. The good, the bad and the ugly. Momtrends always retains FULL EDITORIAL CONTROL. If you have more ideas for Momtrends, please let me know--I'm always looking to keep the site fresh and appealing.

Looking for your link? They haven't disappeared. They have simply moved to the Links We Love tab on the right. If you think I'm missing your link let me know.

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