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Momtrends Celebrates Third Blogoversary

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Today we are three! Three years ago, I started Momtrends while writing for I had so many ideas that got turned down by Babble, I thought, "Heck, this isn't brain surgery, I'll start my own blog." We've morphed from a one-woman show to having a team of writers, a marketing manager and a few graphics gurus. Find out about our history:

Do you ever run out of things to write about? Never! I've got a list of 100 ideas at any given time--so have no fear we won't let you down on providing the inside scoop on how to be a more fun, fashionable and fabulous mom.

When do you sleep? Hmmm. About 6 hours a night on average. I'm working on delegating more, but I still view Momtrends as my third baby. This micro-manager won't be changing much any time soon.

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When your girls get older will you stop?Not likely. I'm still passionate about having parents spending their time and money wisely and well. This has never been a personal blog (you don't really want to know about my daughter's potty training progress do you?) so I'll still be chasing parenting and fashion trends even when they are in middle school and beyond.

Best assignment in the past three years?A tie between interviewing Salma Hayek (she called us "bloppers") and going to the Olympics to blog live from Vancouver. And I must mention every day is a gift. My job is to stay engaged with my girls and other parents. I am so, so blessed to earn an income (albeit a small one) by writing and working from home.

Hardest part of the past three years? Keeping up with technology. Just when I get something mastered, another social media network comes along or another blog enhancement.

Where do you think the next year will take you? Lots more videos. Ready or not, I think you'll be hearing and seeing more of me. Also, key partnerships. I truly believe brands need to work with bloggers on site-specific campaigns.

Now here's my chance to thank the Academy (oops, wait I didn't win anything, just survived three years). So here goes....
1. I want to thank my family--the big and little ones who are so patient as I keep nurturing this blog.
2. Thanks to the incredible team of writers and contributors that make it all happen--Diana, Brooke, Sherri, Mandy and the Nicoles (two of them--one lawyer one designer)--as Jerry Marguire said--"You complete me."
3. Hugs to the amazing women I have met while blogging. You all inspire me with your dedication, dazzle me with your talent and energize me with your with your words.
4. A big, huge kiss to the sponsors. There is no way to keep this enterprise going without funds. I'm so grateful that brands value my efforts and don't just pitch me but truly partner with me. 
5. Last and not least, where would I be without you dear readers. All those comments, all those clicks to sponsors, all those tweets and links. You do know I won't ever go away if you keep this up!

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